This site serves as a guide to the animated television series Boogiepop Phantom.

If you have not seen the series in it's entirety, or have no clue as to what Boogiepop is. This site is not for you.

Those that have seen it through and are still confused, you have come to the right place.

While wandering through the site you may find errors, inconsistencies, or outright omissions. Bring them to my attention and I will do my best to fix the problem.

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09:46 PST Wednesday 23/09/2009

Illusion of Memory is now under the wing of the RPG Reactor. The previous site was hosted by ATT a while back and has recently been taken off of their servers for reasons unknown. As a huge Boogiepop fan, this site has served as a great fountain of information for me over the past years and there's no way I'm going to let it fade into oblivion. I've painstakingly recreated it from the Wayback Archives and I hope it will continue to be of great use for BP fans for many years to come.
- Toma-kun

14:45 EST Monday 21/04/2003

Back in Boston. An extra layer has been added to the site, making navigation a little more cumbersome. In time though everything should come together nicely(not in the near future). I have finally receive both volumes of the Boogiepop Never Laughs Manga. I do not have access to the movie or the novels, so outside assistance will be required for those sections. The IDEAS section has been removed and combined with THINGS. The PEOPLE section has a few more entries. I will try to get to work on episode 11, but you know how that goes.

14:01 EST Sunday 09/03/2003

Hurry up and wait. Episode 10 is online, nothing else has really changed though.

16:23 EST Thursday 29/01/2003

Episode 10 is in the works right now, maybe another week to complete. The chronology is good through episode 07.

15:03 EST Sunday 26/01/2003

I have been a bit slow with the content updates. Episode 09 is now up. I will check it for readability later(meaning never). Fixed the link on the EMP weapon entry under THINGS.

14:56 EST Saturday 11/01/2003

As you might have noticed the site design has changed once again. I am actually very pleased with this layout. I believe that I will keep it. The reference pages have been updated as well. The chronology is good through episode 06(some may contest the order though).

18:41 EST Saturday 23/11/2002

The new chronology is up. Soon I will begin work on completing the scene guides.

23:48 EST Wednesday 13/11/2002

I have been reviewing portions of the site. It is a proof-reading nightmare. On a more positive note the pages all validate as XHTML 1.0, and there are no dead links.

01:37 EST Monday 11/11/2002

I have added some entries to the info pages, mostly though I have just been correcting typos. I am thinking about adding a LOOSE ENDS section.

23:50 EST Saturday 02/11/2002

Just some updates to the info pages, all the entries under THINGS have a description now.

23:41 EST Wednesday 30/10/2002

The new site design has been up for about a week now. I am still in the process of tweaking everything. Send me any complaints that you may have about the new setup. Episode 08 is up.

19:38 EST Wednesday 16/10/2002

Just got back in port. It's good to be back in Boston, crap weather or not. Tomorrow I will try to get episode 08 up.

01:15 EST Thursday 26/9/2002

As always updates are hit and miss on this site, as you can see everything has changed, hopefully for the better. I should be having another port of call soon where I can get a phone line and do another update.

10:45 EST Wednesday 21/8/2002

Episode 07 has been uploaded, also I have subdivided every scene into events. Each event has been given an index number so that when the time comes everything can be cross referenced.

01:49 EST Wednesday 14/8/2002

Episode 06 is up, 07 will be up at the end of the week with 08 following close behind.

15:18 EST Saturday 4/5/2002

I have just completed episode 05, as always it needs to be proof-read.

19:31 EST Saturday 27/4/2002

I have just completed episode 04, though it is still very rough. Once I have completed episode 06 I will go back and proof-read all of the sections